Our Story

TradewindsEarth was born during changing times, but we started more than a decade ago. We began by importing unique, organically grown and estate bottled wines and ciders to the DC metro area.

We partnered with Tradewinds Specialty Imports to create this new project in March of 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. With restaurants and stores closing, wine lovers suddenly didn’t have anywhere to fill their glasses.

Stuck at home ourselves, we decided to launch a home delivery service for friends and family. We then discovered that online, we could share these unique products not just with our friends in Washington, DC but nationwide.

Our philosophy is simple: just like the “farm to table” concept with food, at TradewindsEarth we bring our farmers’ wines and ciders right to people’s dinner tables.

Our wines are and have always been different. We don’t sell giant name brands, or instantly-recognizable labels. We offer our producers family stories. These wines are people’s visions, their aspirations and family heritage.

They are communities committed to bettering their local environment. They are exercises in sustainable agriculture. They are a grandfather teaching a granddaughter secrets passed through generations. But most of all, they are delicious.

The producers that supply us with these wines come from far and wide. The advantage we have is our direct source: TSI, and the ability to partner directly with many producers from many countries.

There’s Txakolina (cha-koh-lee-nah) from the Basque Country. There’s Malbec from the high desert plateaus of northern Argentina. There’s cider from upstate New York. There’s canned rose from California!

The stories they tell are exceptionally diverse, but they share one uniting attribute: sustainability to our Earth and making delicious wine.